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Kaoru Shimada's Online Shop

The goods are all andmade by Kaoru Shimada herself.. SHe used the parts she search and found.
Each good is one of a kind.

Please send email to fands-design@amail.plala.or.jp, if you'd like to buy. Email should includes:
Product No, Your Name, Your Email address, Your phone No and delivery address.
When we receive the email, we will contact you.。

#1  #2  #3  商品番号4
Horn of wild animal, 、Silver attachement,
Turquoise & Coral
 Horn of wild animal, 、Silver attachement,
Turquoise & Coral
Price:JPY15,000(consumption tax excluded)  Price:JPY15,000(consumption tax excluded)  Price:JPY23,000(consumption tax excluded) SOLD OUT
No of Stock:1   No of Stock:1 No of Stock:1  SOLD OUT

 #5  #6
Silver Attachement, Amber, 
Dile Chrocodile has the Brid that is grabbing a pearl
instead of the umbrella.
Silver Bird claw
Price:JPY30,000(consumption tax excluded)  SOLD OUT
No of Stock:1  SOLD OUT

 iPad case
 Price:JPY5,000(consumption tax excluded)
 No of Stock:1