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   Her Characters



Lazymaid is her first character borned in London 30 years ago.
Cleanings are bit painful for her. She does not like doing laundry.Of course, Not Cooking. Somehow, Lazymaid become maid. She is doing daily maid works ordered by Madam.
Lazymaid has habit of building castles in the air. She gains entracne into fantasy world while doing maid works. Let's embark on a great adventure in daydream.


 Mr. Dile Crocodile


Mr. Dile Crocodile has pride as a British gentleman. His home town is an edge in the Nile. He was born at the end in the large family which has many elder brother and sisters. As a true alligator…from strange thing, he came to London and was ordinarily brought up after that like a human child as London kid. There are also many memories in the infancy age at the Nile. He thinks dearly and returns to home once per several years. Now, every time he returns to London, he came to think he is going to live here. They're Henry Jones of a foster father and foster mother Elizabeth Jones that he was brought up like their child. Alice who works for a Jones family as a maid, she was working here from the front where he comes to London, She's the companion who is most and a best friend. Nobody knows his true year, but he retires in several years before and is living on now free from worldly cares. A hobby takes the tour of walks and art museums, chatting with friends, Playing violin and piano, and Swimming.

The story of Dile Crocodile (only in Japanese) is here


Even if I say a policeman, he isn't police. It's a policeman of a whale that an in trouble person is being helped, while making the rounds around the sky of the world. The one helped by a policeman of a whale was an old woman, the baby elephant which lost its parents, Drunken big migratory bird, The fawn which has fitted into a bottomless marsh, The small boy who has lost an important toy, The man who runs away, various.


Twink lives in the prettiest world in the Kaoru Shimada's character. It's said to be the world which has no ironies and no smirking grin. When Kaoru Shimada waits for the birth for a first baby, Twink's being established. A drawn story dreams of the baby which isn't seen yet, and will be mama's feeling, and baby's dream guide Twink. While sleeping, a baby gets away from the mama's hand and plays with Twink by the world of a dream. Picking stardust up, making a cake and going to elephant grandma's fun tea,,, A big adventure is developed in the dream.

 Dr. Flagon and Drunken Ginger
with Reliable Piglet

It's when Kaoru Shimada lived in Edinburgh about 10 years ago, that this trinity was born, so a stage of a story is Edinburgh. Originally, Dr. Flagon and drunken Ginger were the angel who were working for the God in the heaven. Some events are by a trigger, “Do some good conduct at the universe!  Be growing a little.", told by God. The form can be changed to big doctor and monster, and 2 people have banished heaven during hundreds of years. 2 people who rushed to the universe didn't know where to go and were traveling the universe for several years. They met Piglet at some stars at which they dropped in. They arrived at the earth by lead of small Piglet on which you can rely on, they have made a force landing on the roof of Edinburgh Castle by a cause of drunken ginger. 2 people are helped by Piglet, while repeating a play noisily and, a little, growing story in Edinburgh. Encounter with a piglet, the event from which you have banished heaven, why could the form be changed to big doctor and monster from an angel?  The stories are included in The Little Book Beas and a miniature book series.